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Windows Phone supported orientation issue for landscape mode

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  • Windows Phone supported orientation issue for landscape mode

    Hi Team,

    we have recently released a game in windows store :

    Its called Drainpipe, here are more details about the game :

    We now want to release the game in windows phone and generated the solution using waveengine project generator.

    Everything works fine apart from the fact that UI is cropped on right hand side, while viewing in Landscape mode.

    FYI, we are using viewportmanager so that we dont need to deal with resolution everytime we want to deploy to various devices.

    Code snippet :

    ViewportManager vm = WaveServices.ViewportManager;            
    vm.Activate(1600, 900, ViewportManager.StretchMode.Fill);
    application.Adapter.DefaultOrientation = WaveEngine.Common.Input.DisplayOrientation.LandscapeLeft;
    application.Adapter.SupportedOrientations = WaveEngine.Common.Input.DisplayOrientation.LandscapeLeft;
    Please let me know if you need further details. This is quite an urgent issue for the game release, so want to resolve it as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Could you tell us if you are working with the last version of Wave Engine?

    You can port your games as easy as described here:

    I suggest you to select the Universal Windows App, so you can use the same solution for both Windows Store and Windows Phone.

    Now that you have a game in a store visit Tomorrow is your last chance to get a free community-supported subscription.

    Hope this helps


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      Thanks a lot juanlao for your prompt reply and thanks for sharing the opportunity to get a free xamarin subscription.

      We are using a bit older version of waveengine v1.4.2.0. This is because by the time 2.0 came, we are already far ahead on the game development and hence don't wanna try the latest at that point.

      Do you think that version of waveengine might be an issu?



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        Please, send us a sample project that reproduce the issue and we will see what it is happening

        Hope this helps