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  • Physics game

    This is my pet project for quite a while now. I've been working in it in other tools, but never in .exe form, so I made myself learn programming and make it in c#, so Wave engine came in good time.

    Nothing too much yet, but the main principle is there. My main focus is the control itself, and interaction between the ball and magnets.

    I'm taking it slow, a bit at a time. I'll need to improve my drawing skills, eheheh...

    Also, only the Start button is active, and pressing X will bring you back to the menu screen. I hope the control is self-explanatory. This is a concept, after all...
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    Hi eyeliner,

    Awesome!, this game is addictive.

    I need more levels XD


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      I was accused of having a slow game. In all honesty, that was one of the main points of the game. Make it a calm and challenging game, a direct contrast to frantic style gameplay.
      Levels are coming, but I like this so much I am being extra cautious and working on it slowly. I was quite amazed at how fast I was able to convert this project to Wave.

      Also, thanks for testing, Javier.


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        So cool eyeliner, so cool man! Thanks for sharing! :-)

        Waiting for more levels...


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          Sure, just let me mess a bit more, again, converting yet another project of mine to Wave and I'll return to this one. I have been brewing more ideas lately, so I'm sure to return to it soon.
          I just want to figure out how to find the bones in a mesh, then I'm back! :P


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            Hello eyeliner,
            Awesome!, this specific game will be hard to kick.
            I need a lot more quantities XD



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              I can't download it.
              Why the link isn't working?


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                Hi hojjat12000,

                We recently went throught a migration to new forum services and seems that some files were removed. We will try to fix it soon.

                Sorry for the incoveniences
                Jorge Cantón