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  • Side Scroller Racing Game

    So the game I'm trying to create is 90% UI.. I've tried several game engines, and now i'm onto this one. I like the lay out, drag and drop assets, all that on scene. Much easier and exactly what I was looking for

    Now I just need to know how to actually make it work. It is a 2D game, and its mainly buttons and text boxes to start off. There's actually very little animation (great first project aye?) in the game, which is nice. I suck at that anyway lol

    I did find the documentation on UI on the github, but it didn't shed much light on the subject creating buttons, input text boxes, etc. Was just wondering if there's a video tutorial on these sorts of things or another place to look.


    Also, if i posted screen shots, i'm sure at least one person would recognize the game i'm trying to make haha

    Figured i'd add more detail

    I understand the github posted code of

    Button LoginBtn = new Button() ... and all that, but when I try to put it in a specific spot, it just clings to the side of the screen. I don't see any other way to place it except the HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Right, or VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Center, and I need it like 10 x 25 y off the center for example

    Also making an input text box i haven't figured out at all, but its also 5am so i'm probably over doing it
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    Hi TechXPlays, unfortunately there isn't any UI specific sample on github to play with it. I suppose you followed the wiki:

    Regardig the problem you described, I will be glad to help you if you provide me a Wave Engine project with mininal code to let me reproduce the problem you described.

    Have a nice day, Juan.