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  • I want to join other members projects

    Hi, don't really know where to write, but maybe this is good place
    For some time I thinking about what to develop. At home was playing with WaveEngine a little bit with 2d, in my job doing 3d simulator, but... Playing at home don't goes anywhere, I understood basics and don't know what to do.
    Kinda don't like anymore programming alone, need something like team...
    So I would want to join other members projects, to help finish them faster, give some my experience of programming and get some experience myself

    About me: programming with C# about 7 years (4 of them is in full time job as developer); English... meh, not so bad I think, but need some improving. I could help up to ~20h/week if project is really interesting.

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    Hi Plutonium,

    I'm glad for your initiative, I hope that some of our users would propose a good project!

    Also, let me to remember that we have organized a worldwide contest. Could be a good opportunity to develop a game with a good objetive.

    Here you can find more information:

    Daniel Cáceres