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TexturePacker SpriteSheet import not working for me

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  • TexturePacker SpriteSheet import not working for me

    I use the "Import TexturePacker file" and select my previously exported SpriteSheetDescriptor file, then a message box pops up and says it removed some sprites outside of the editor. The result is that no sprites are imported. I use the latest TexturePacker Version 4.0 (Trial).

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    Hi mrcoffee,

    We apologize for the issues you're encountering. For get a better support, could you please send us some samples where the issues occur? In order to fill some bugs.

    Best regards,
    Daniel Cáceres


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      No Problem. I added the package of my exported TexturePacker SpriteSheet. When i am trying to import this SpriteSheet descriptor file the issue occurs.
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        Hi mrcoffee,

        Are you using the WaveEngine template in TexturePacker?

        Take a look a post in our blog:

        Best regards,
        David Ávila


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          Yes i am using the WaveEngine template in TexturePacker. I have tried to follow your tutorial, the only difference is the TexturePacker Version, i am using Version 4.01 (Free Version) and in your Blog your using 3.9.4.


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            mrcoffee thanks for your patience; we've already reproduced this issue and filled a bug with the information you've supplied. We'll come back to this thread once we can give more information on this. Thanks again


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              Hi mrcoffee,

              We have found a workarround to solve your problem.

              If you open your AnimationStart.xml file, you will see several lines like that <sprite n="greeter-idle-50-b.gif" x="859" y="274" w="96" h="92"/>

              Replace all .gif occurences with .png, so the result is that:

              <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
              <!-- Created with TexturePacker>
              <!-- $TexturePacker:SmartUpdate:0dcfe17bcfe6be2f69da0c12642291e6:eed1a50d71dd9890d2fcc2295b24a35d:a20004bd24600ed57067de81252818c5$ -->
              <TextureAtlas imagePath="AnimationStart.png" width="1008" height="508">
                  <sprite n="greeter-idle-50-b.png" x="859" y="274" w="96" h="92"/>
                  <sprite n="greeter-idle-50-g.png" x="765" y="408" w="96" h="92"/>
                  <sprite n="greeter-idle-50-w.png" x="863" y="408" w="96" h="92"/>
                  <sprite n="greeter-idle-b.png" x="1" y="1" w="191" h="183"/>
                  <sprite n="greeter-idle-g.png" x="1" y="186" w="191" h="183"/>
                  <sprite n="greeter-idle-w.png" x="194" y="1" w="191" h="183"/>
                  <sprite n="greeter-walk-50-b.png" x="884" y="1" w="98" h="89"/>
                  <sprite n="greeter-walk-50-g.png" x="884" y="92" w="98" h="89"/>
                  <sprite n="greeter-walk-50-w.png" x="859" y="183" w="98" h="89"/>
                  <sprite n="greeter-walk-b.png" x="194" y="186" w="195" h="178"/>
                  <sprite n="greeter-walk-g.png" x="387" y="1" w="195" h="178"/>
                  <sprite n="greeter-walk-w.png" x="391" y="181" w="195" h="178"/>
                  <sprite n="monstar-walk-50-b.png" x="588" y="290" w="58" h="57"/>
                  <sprite n="monstar-walk-50-g.png" x="648" y="290" w="58" h="57"/>
                  <sprite n="monstar-walk-50-w.png" x="708" y="290" w="58" h="57"/>
                  <sprite n="monstar-walk-b.png" x="1" y="371" w="116" h="114"/>
                  <sprite n="monstar-walk-g.png" x="119" y="371" w="116" h="114"/>
                  <sprite n="monstar-walk-w.png" x="766" y="1" w="116" h="114"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-fidget-50-b.png" x="959" y="183" w="48" h="73"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-fidget-50-g.png" x="959" y="258" w="48" h="73"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-fidget-50-w.png" x="957" y="333" w="48" h="73"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-fidget-b.png" x="485" y="361" w="96" h="145"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-fidget-g.png" x="583" y="361" w="96" h="145"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-fidget-w.png" x="584" y="1" w="96" h="145"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-idle-50-b.png" x="768" y="333" w="41" h="70"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-idle-50-g.png" x="811" y="333" w="41" h="70"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-idle-50-w.png" x="961" y="408" w="41" h="70"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-idle-b.png" x="682" y="1" w="82" h="140"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-idle-g.png" x="681" y="349" w="82" h="140"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-idle-w.png" x="712" y="143" w="82" h="140"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-run-50-b.png" x="796" y="117" w="61" h="70"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-run-50-g.png" x="796" y="189" w="61" h="70"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-run-50-w.png" x="796" y="261" w="61" h="70"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-run-b.png" x="237" y="366" w="122" h="140"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-run-g.png" x="361" y="366" w="122" h="140"/>
                  <sprite n="tim-run-w.png" x="588" y="148" w="122" h="140"/>
              Best regards,
              Davide Ávila


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                Thanks a lot. Works fine now.For me this is the best possible way to import spritesheets.