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A* Implementation in Wave 1.4

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  • A* Implementation in Wave 1.4

    I'm working on a generic A* implementation for path finding in Wave Engine. The current incarnation of the project has been posted on GitHub ( and uses the assets from the TiledMap example. This implementation is very heavily based on this:

    -WaveEngine 1.4 with reference to TiledMap source or binary
    -Algorithmia library (add via NuGet)
    -Tiled map built in 0.11.0

    In Tiled, create a tile layer name "Pathfinding" (or whatever you choose, just make sure that you pass the name when instantiating the Astar class). Populate this layer with tiles that contain a custom property named "PathFinderCost". Tiles without this custom property will be assumed as passable with a cost of 0. A PathFinderCost of -1 makes the tile not-passable (a wall) and a higher value makes it less desirable in the path finding system.

    Currently, the system solves best path very quickly and perfectly for non-diagonal movement on an orthogonal map. The diagonal movement finds a path but it isn't always the best path - I'm working on addressing this. I've not done any work on implementation for isometric, staggered or hexagonal Tiled maps.

    Pull requests are always welcome - I hope somebody finds it useful.

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    Very interesting. Thank you for sharing your effort!


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      I will use this in my next project, thank you.


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        Hi RollerJesus,

        This is awesome!!

        Best regards,
        David Ávila