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Unicode and Bold Font Problems

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  • Unicode and Bold Font Problems

    I am writing a game by Wave Engine 1.4.2 and I want add some Unicode Text (Vietnamese) with TextBlock. I tried to use "Add new font" command in Wave Asset Exporter and choose a Tahoma Font (it support Vietnamese). But when I run it, all Vietnamese Character changed to "*". I also have some problem with Sprite Font Generator of Asset Exporter:
    1. When I install a new Font, I couldn't see it in Asset Exporter's Font Family choose dialog.
    2. I can't choose Bold, Black, Italic...

    Please help me!

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    Hi David,

    There is already a system environment variable set up on both the machines pointing to the right directory.




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      Hi heneeya, Who is David? What is Environment Variable you talking about???


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        Sorry for the late matdennoigi

        Unfortunately only ASCII characters are supported currently in Wave.
        As a work-around you could use the characters needed as image files (png or jpg).

        Please feel free to post this on Wave's feedback page:

        Regardless to the issue with the sprite font generator, if you restart Assets Exporter, the font must appear in the list.

        Hope this helps!