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  • Hexagonal Tiled Map

    Hi! I create a hexagonal Tiled Map with tiled map editor, I follow the code in

    When I try to create the map by:
    PHP Code:
                var map = new Entity("map")
    AddComponent(new Transform2D())
    AddComponent(this.tileMap = new TiledMap("Content/testMapOdd-q.tmx")
    MinLayerDrawOrder = -10,
    MaxLayerDrawOrder = -0

    And when Run the app, I get this error: "An unhandled exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' occurred in mscorlib.dll

    Additional information: Requested value 'hexagonal' was not found."
    And I don't know how fix. Please, help me!

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    Hi thevinh92,

    The hexagonal maps have been added in the latest version of Tiled Map 0.11.0 and unfortunately is not supported. Right now we have support to Isometric, Isometric (Staggered) and Orthogonal maps.

    We will have hexagonal map support in upcoming release.



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      Hi, thanks for replying. Hope the new release will coming soon!


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        Hi thevinh92,

        I'm glad to tell you that we have upgrated TiledMap component to give a full support to the version 0.12.0 of Tiled Map. This new version also fixes some existing bugs and add supports to new features.

        You can find this update in the Nightly Build.

        Hope it helps! If you find something wrong please let me know!

        Best Regards,
        Víctor Ferrer