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    I've noticed there isn't a reddit community for WaveEngine. I'm not sure how 'popular' WE is, but it seems like a comparable framework/engine to libGDX, and isn't unity (nothing against unity, I would just rather not use it). I was mainly looking for existing communities where I could poke around and potentially ask for help here and there.

    Is there an IRC as well?

    About how big is the community? are we well established at this point or are we still pioneers?

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    I'm here in the same situation as you: I rather not using Unity (nevertheless I'm still using it for work) and I'm not pretty familiar with this engine nor community, but it seems very promising!


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      Hello Lark and DarkSlash.
      At the moment we don't have reddit community or IRC, but it's something we are planning to open really soon. Stay tunned. We are now in a rush to offer the engine and editor product next September, and the community is an important aspect for us. Patience is the mother of science

      And about our community size, we are in a grow-and-establish point right now, and all your support and feedbacks are the fuel that keeps us motivated!

      Thank you.



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        You still doesn't have reddit community, does you? Why you can't make it?