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Console.WriteLine("Hello World");

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  • Console.WriteLine("Hello World");

    Yes, I had to be the corny guy with the Hello World Title.

    Hello, My name is Ousmane and I'm a 15 year old developer and recently I've caught a break and received a position developing some clients for a friend of mind at a commercial VPN provider. Since he pays me, and I can finally buy a Google Play Developers Account, and I'm also getting a Windows App Store Account (Free) I've decided to resume on something I've paused a certain time ago, Game Development. I'm currently learning alot of language and I'm familiar with Visual Basic (First language, hate the synthax now), PHP (First Web Language, you pick up some HTML and css doing it), and Java (Mostly Android App Dev) C# (My love). Other languages as well but not as much as C#. I've heard about wave for a while now and I'm really interested in it. I know it's still in development with rapid updates but I like the community and the concept and idea behind it. Looking forward to the Visual Editor, also doing some reading to learn more about it. Hope to enjoy the journey.

    -Ousmane (Uzi)

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    Welcome to the community. You are in!

    Enjoy Wave and enjoy development as we do.

    Feel free to give us feedback, ask for help or answer other members looking for help!

    Have a nice trip!


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      You are really skilled as I can see! This is really great