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Problem with Mono Runtime and WaveEngine WinGLApplication

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  • Problem with Mono Runtime and WaveEngine WinGLApplication

    Hello everyone,

    My dear Macros, or who are you? Are you creator of WaveEngine, right? I am sorry for bad English.

    I am really looking as protected libraries ( *.dll ) into Mono.Runtime. I have built with Cygwin x86 and I have created mkbundle with simple WinGLApplication but it throws error if I already bundled whole net frameworks 4.5 and Mono 4.5 + MyApp/MyApp/Launch/AnyCPU/Release/MyApp.exe = MyAppBundle.exe ( it is bundled app and it was built by CL.exe and ClangC2 ( it is like Cygwin Gun Assembler as.exe and it generates into obj file )

    I recommend you need use Gedit for WIndows because Notepad or Notepad++ freezes or crashes if temp.s has large text ( it is byte of assemble_myapp_exe , ... )
    Mono is good and can protects managed libraries - who can crack your WaveEngine.libraries into ILSpy. That is why it is bad. I really hold you and I want help you - I am sorry - I want protect your game engine because hackers are happy and change than it happens if hackers send finished WinGL App with hidden libraries for running apps like spam apps... That is why I really want hold like Unity3D - You know Unity3D. Unity 3D was bundled by Mono.Runtime mkbundle and it has over 70 mb for packing into bundled executable.

    Can I ask you why do you have manage with net frameworks and can't run if I use bundled executable.

    So sad. How do I fix? If you continue your release with Mono Runtime than you will be happy if your nice wave engine will be protected.

    I imagine you about game engine with C# into Mono.Runtime
    onoGame and Unity3D have not problem with Mono.Runtime.
    Example I have bundled MonoGame WindowsGL into bundled executable = successful!
    MonoGame ( SharpDK ) into bundled executable = failed!
    Unity 3D has alresdy built with Mono.Runtime = successful! ( game launcher was built from Unity 3D with Mono.Runtime, but managed directory here = failed )
    Urho Engine into bundled executable = successful!
    Wave Engine WinGL into bundled executable = failed!
    Wave Engine SharpDK into bundled executable = failed

    And I really want know how do I disable maximized if Game Launcher ( WinGLApoplication ) doesn't need "maximize"..
    Is it possible?

    Thanks! I am sorry for bad English!

    PS: Do not share my right to Facebook! Sorry because I am very hostile to Facebook. Thanks!
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    I think it is possible but it is better for you to contact support team


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      You still haven't found the solution for this problem?


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        Sorry I am busy... Yes I am here now. Mono doesn't support for WPF It is really bad news.

        Please use normal Gtk#, XamMac or WinForms = Works fine.