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    In order to improve Wave Engine's use, it should have:
    1. good documentation with thoroughly explained tutorials
    2. good api, also well explained, and with simple examples
    3. organized forum/community
    4. sites like which is, in my opinion, great site for beginners

    Wave Engine is on good wave of expanding his community but one of the problems is a very difficult way of finding specific problems or solutions. When you type "wave engine" on Google you'll find it, but if you type "wave engine sprite position" or "wave engine sprite position in world" you don't get exactly what you are looking for. I found solution about dragging sprites the way I wanted after one hour of search and countless tries of "not what I was looking for solutions". But I did found it!

    So my point here is, what can we do to improve, organize and help Google or other search engines to give us fast and right solutions?

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    I agree with the first point, the API Reference is terrible. Its workable but wasn't what I expected coming from Unity and Xenko.

    To answer your question, when we post questions on the forum we gotta make sure the title matches what we would type in Google. so in your case we would be: "How to change Wave Sprite Position". This way it will be a way to optimize Google SEO


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      This slow response on questions is also a problem :P


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        We are working on that point but for now we have:
        - WaveEngine learn page:
        - GitHub samples:
        - Wiki:
        - Api Reference: that can be improved

        We hope to improve those sections soon.

        Thanks for your feedback!


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          You have improved these sections really good! I can bet on that you will make it even better in the nearest future
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            The new API Reference looks great!


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              We are glad you like it.
              We still working on it