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Wave Engine Dolphin is out!

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  • Wave Engine Dolphin is out!

    Hi everyone,

    We just released a new WaveEngine update with a lot of new interesting features.

    Here is the official news:

    And this is the complete changeset:
    Wave Engine
    - ADDED: Add an event when two collided entities is separating
    - ADDED: Fix Glow, Bloom, FastBlur and Tiltshift image effect on DirectX11
    - ADDED: Camera need to set its own Viewport
    - ADDED: Add Vuforia integration as Extension project
    - ADDED: Add Motion sensor integration
    - ADDED: Oculus Rift Integration
    - ADDED: Add new image effects
    - ADDED: Modified windows template project
    - ADDED: Modified Windows Targets
    - ADDED: Entity must be able to change his name
    - ADDED: Add support for Tiled Map Editor
    - ADDED: Layer isVisible feature
    - ADDED: Set raw data accesible for Compass
    - ADDED: Set raw data accesible for Gyroscope
    - ADDED: Fix axis permutation in diferent platforms
    - ADDED: Normalize Accelerometer values for each platform
    - ADDED: Add a method that gets the Hex code of a Color
    - ADDED: Normalize axis asignation on each platform
    - ADDED: Decide the units for the accelerometer measures
    - ADDED: Export fonts using SpriteFont program
    - ADDED: Add DepthBias support
    - ADDED: Add Billboard Batcher to draw facing camera quads.
    - ADDED: Implement texture loading through stream
    - FIXED: Content folder overrides on Android
    - FIXED: if you import a existing asset should allow you to replace it
    - FIXED: Rename folder from Asset Details doesn't update name on Asset Hierarchy
    - FIXED: Drag file over Asset Hierarchy doesn't select folder below cursor
    - FIXED: Problem with RenderTarget and ImageEffects
    - FIXED: Don't allow create two folder with the same name on Asset Details
    - FIXED: SelectFolder error while filter asset hierarchy folders
    - FIXED: Entity Details don't work with Loaded scenes
    - FIXED: Fixed build project without load project
    - FIXED: App crash when there are more than 2048 sprites per SpriteBatch.
    - FIXED: Fix delete button event and focus control
    - FIXED: New SpineRenderer component does not use Origin to offset mesh position
    - FIXED: Spinner component doesn's support 2D entities
    - FIXED: [Screencontext] Dispose exception when go to a pushed scene
    - FIXED: GetData from TextureManager method unexpected crash for unloaded textures
    - FIXED: Sometimes export properties are restored to default when export a project
    - FIXED: Move doDispose property to ContextCommands
    - FIXED: Clone entity don't initialized
    - FIXED: Clone Entity StaticMesh
    - FIXED: ImageControl don't take the size from Texture2D

    Have a great day and thank you for your support.

    Javier Cantón Ferrero

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    So sweet!
    I am going to check out half of the new features right away!
    Oculus Rift integration <3


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      This is great news! I have especially been looking forward to the .tmx support but the other features are very exciting too and I look forward to seeing what the creative users can do wih this! THank you for your continued work!

      I have encountered a problem: The installation (over the previous version) seems to be taking a very long time. I'm not sure if it is stuck or not.

      Edit: This has been going on for 15 minutes now.
      Edit2: Also, I can't cancel the installation.
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        Can't wait to play with this, just need to find some time!


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          There is a problem with the installer: the plugin folder (and some other files) for the Windows platform are installed in:

          C:\Program Files (x86)\Wave Engine\v1.0\Lib\Windows\v1.0\Lib\Windows\plugins

          instead of

          C:\Program Files (x86)\Wave Engine\v1.0\Lib\Windows\plugins


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            Hi aPerfectMisterMan,

            The slowly installation may be due to a particular situation because Any our tests we have been made to reproduce it. If you recurs you can try to do a clean install by uninstalling the previous version.



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              Hi Ultrahead,

              We check the 1.4.2 installation and We've found that the plugin folder is not copied. This affects the reproduction of videos. We are going to fix it soon.

              Thanks for your feedback!


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                Originally posted by Jorgemagic View Post
                Hi aPerfectMisterMan,

                The slowly installation may be due to a particular situation because Any our tests we have been made to reproduce it. If you recurs you can try to do a clean install by uninstalling the previous version.


                Uninstalling the previous version allowed me to install Thank you for the tip.


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                  Hi Ultrahead,

                  You are right, there was a problem with the installer and the Plugin folder was not copied. We have just to uploaded a new fixed installer but this one keeps the same version number so if you are using videos on Windows, I recommend you to do a clean installation or copy directly the files from our nightlybuild.

                  Sorry for the inconveniences.