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WaveEngine Orca 2.5.0 is out :)

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  • WaveEngine Orca 2.5.0 is out :)

    Hello everyone,
    I know it's been a long time since our last release, but we were working really hard in creating new awesome features!

    This article explains all the new features.

    Change log 2.5.0

    - Added ARMobile (ARKit and ARCore) support.
    - Added Bullet Physics 3D integration.
    - Added new Model asset workflow.
    - Added GLTF support.
    - Added Morphing support.
    - Added new Animation3D component.
    - Added Mixed Reality support.
    - Added Render Layers integration in Visual Editor.
    - Added support for Rasterizer, Blend and DepthStencil state descriptions.
    - Added Line Mesh components.
    - Added the possibility of disabling protobuf serialization.
    - Optimized Transform 3D.
    - Improved Visual Editor performance.
    - Added convert from prefab to entity.
    - Added Copy entity path as entity option in Visual Editor.

    - Fixed Drag and drop issues with entities in Visual Editor.
    - Fixed Linux Gamepad support and crash.
    - Fixed Camera.Unproject incoherences.
    - Fixed xCode 9 template support.
    - Fixed multicomponents on prefabs.
    - Fixed internal memory leak with Vertex Buffers.
    - Fixed WaitGameAction memory leak.
    - Fixed problems with large Tilemaps.
    - Fixed RenderPropertyAsFInput with converters.
    - Fixed Blending problems with Noesis Panels.
    - Fixed new material creation issues.
    - Fixed PerfabInstance delete issues.
    - Fixed cubemap reflection issues.
    - Fixed OpenGL issue when rendering Opaque and Alpha layers in the same scene.
    - Fixed minimum iOS template version.

    Enjoy it!