Hi everyone,

We just released a new WaveEngine update with a lot of new interesting features.

here is the direct link to the "What's is new": https://geeks.ms/waveengineteam/2017...-engine-2-4-0/

And this is the complete changeset:

Change log 2.4.0

- Added OpenVR support (for SteamVR and HTC Vive).
- Added Mesh entities.
- Added Noesis Integration.
- Added 9patch support.
- Added Services support in Visual Editor.
- Added the possibility of import the mesh hierarchy of a model when adding to a scene.
- Added Automatic generation of model materials when importing to the scene.
- Added multiprocess asset exporting in Visual Editor.
- Added Async/Await and GameActions improvements.
- Added IsEditor variable.
- Added coherency in Entity search method.
- Added isExact (type) in FindScene method.
- Added primitive components.
- Added battery level support.
- Added vibration API.
- Added Vuforia 6.2.10 support.
- Added Vuforia editor integration.
- Added Vuforia vumark support.
- Added Vuforia trackables component.
- Added Forward material.
- Added XamarinForms template launchers.
- Added PreRender and PostRender events in RenderManager.
- Added Geometric Shader support.

- Fixed the default material showed in editor when the model has normals
- Fixed crash when selecting a corrupt scene.
- Fixed dependencies on list elements in Visual Editor.
- Fixed IsRepeated on MusicPlayer in Linux.
- Fixed Protobuf enum serialization with different flags.