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WaveEngine 2.3.1 is out :)

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  • DavidAvila
    Hi pevecyan

    You can use this new version of Wave in your previous project .
    If you have experiencing some issues, please contact us using that forum.

    Best regards,
    David Ávila

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  • pevecyan
    Hey, is project created in previous version upgradable to this one?

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  • Jorgemagic
    started a topic WaveEngine 2.3.1 is out :)

    WaveEngine 2.3.1 is out :)

    Hi everyone,

    We just released a new WaveEngine update with a lot of new interesting features.

    here is the direct link to the "What's is new":

    And this is the complete changeset:

    - Added Binary scene serialization using profobuf.
    - Added OpenGL support in Windows project.
    - Added WPF, Gtk# and WindowsForm integration template.
    - Added Wave Visual Editor Themes included (dark and light).
    - Added Edge Collider support in physics 2D.
    - Added Bokeh lens.
    - Added Oculus touch support.
    - Added AddChild button in the EntitiesHierarchy panel.
    - Added Texture support in VertexShader.
    - Added RequiredService attribute.
    - Added relative path support.
    - Added IsActive serialization.
    - Added raw assets support.
    - Added FindComponentFromEntityPath method.
    - Added long integer support in property panel.

    - Fixed Wireframe in OpenGL.
    - Fixed Linux resize windows.
    - Fixed disable light.
    - Fixed dark border in fonts.
    - Fixed color multiplication.
    - Fixed VertexColor from Vertexbuffer error.
    - Fixed Touch problem in UWP with different DPI.
    - Fixed disable Sound3D.
    - Fixed crash when a user's component getter throws an exception.
    - Fixed nested prefab instances in prefab asset.
    - Fixed entity selection in prefabs.
    - Fixed alpha in color picker control.
    - Fixed VRCameraRig addition.
    - Fixed Error when loading simultaneous projects.
    - Fixed duplicate entity problems on 2nd level or more.
    - Fixed news on startup panel.
    - Fixed prefab instance tag issue.