Hi everyone,

We just released a new WaveEngine update with a lot of new interesting features.

The official tweet:https://twitter.com/WaveEngineTeam/s...17473147142144

here is the direct link to the "What's is new": http://geeks.ms/waveengineteam/2016/...x-shark-2-3-0/

And this is the complete changeset:


- New Physics 2D engine integration (Box2D)
- Xamarin.Mac supported
- Improvements in FBX support.
- New Hololens components library
- Upgrade to Vuforia 6 for Android and iOS
- New Text2D and 3D from WaveEditor
- Game Actions for 2D and 3D animations
- Improvements in Random Service
- New Vibration mobile API
- Multi components support
- New InterpolationColor control on WaveEditor
- [RequiredService] attribute to service dependency injection
- Prefab scene improvements
- WaveEditor usability improvements

- Fixed general problems in Mac & Linux with new Mono version.
- Fixed Animation2D frame set to 0 when the animation stops
- Fixed dynamic batcher restriction
- Fixed CameraCapture fails in some circunstances
- Fixed Lens Flare error
- Fixed The bounding box property is overrided if Mesh is initialized
- Fixed Music fails in Mac
- Fixed Memory Leaks in some circunstances after refreshing models
- Fixed Linux touchs are displaced
- Fixed 2D manipulation fails in some circunstances
- Fixed Remove profile from Project Settings doesn't clean bottom property panel
- Fixed Assigning materials sometimes shows another material
- Fixed Some NullReferenceException when saving a prefabs asset
- Fixed ".spritesheet" folders are aslo copied to content output (empty)
- Fixed reload scene error in some circunstances
- Fixed Cache problems when simulating scene
- Fixed Error on dependency refresh
- Fixed Empty .winfo files crash asset viewer
- Fixed Dependency with multiple components of the same type
- Fixed Dolby extension does not work in Visual Editor
- Fixed DisposedException in WaveEditor when entity is deleted
- Fixed after adding a "TiledMapLayer" component, there's an error shown in the console
- Fixed Crash with error values in PixelateLens
- Fixed Error after creating a project with square brackets in it's name
- Fixed Error after clicking in IsGlobalAsset
- Fixed console error after adding ScreenOverlayLens
- Fixed FastBlurLens error in some circunstances