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  • Splash Screen + Dark Skin

    Hello! This is my first post, I'm developing right now on Unity3D but I'm tired of something and I was looking for something else. That's how I arrive here!

    I see that the license of Wave says that I must put a splash screen with their logo. There will be a paid license to remove this? Is not a must feature, but I want to know if the developers are willing at some point, consider this option

    Also, I saw the video of the editor. It includes a dark skin as Unity or any other pro software? If yes, cool! If not, it's a good suggestion! :


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    Hi DarkSplash,

    By the moment, you can only use Wave Engine showing the Wave Engine splash at the beginning every time the game or application developed using Wave is run. There is no paid license available. Another option, is to modify the proposed splash design, including your game logo.

    In regard to your second question, we have received the same feedback from others users, and we are studing the posibility of include a Dark Theme for the Editor . Thanks for your feedback!

    Best regards,
    VĂ­ctor Ferrer