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Wave Engine crashes with code -1073741189 (0xc000027b) on the HoloLens

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  • Wave Engine crashes with code -1073741189 (0xc000027b) on the HoloLens

    I can reproduce this 100% now. It seems to be related to spatial mapping, and especially indoors, but I am not entirely sure. Whenever the HoloLens loses its surroundings it does the absolutely mindbogglingly stupid decision to remove everything you see and display a dialogue that it is trying to find where it is. This crashes the app, and after debugging I found it crashes with the code -1073741189 (0xc000027b). Apparently this is related to Cortana according to some online searches, but this to me seems like a rabbit hole that goes deeper than it should.

    How can I avoid this and keep the app stable and running? The worst part is that it resets numbers that have been counting up since the start, since on crash if the app somehow manages to keep running, it will reset.