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Where is the "HoloLensProvider" and how do I build a test project for the HoloLens?

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  • AntonioAvila
    Hi Nyanpasu.

    The HololensProvider class has now changed to MixedRealityProvider. That new class works both in HoloLens and the new Microsoft's VR headsets

    Thank you for using Wave Engine!


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  • Nyanpasu
    I think I managed to get past the previous steps (but not really sure since I have hacked so much now by going back and forth), but whenever I add a new C#-file to the Source (for example Test.cs) and do what I am supposed to do, it won't appear in the Behaviour-components list even after the WaveEditor acknowledges that I have done something.

    What is going on?

    Edit: I have tried a lot of different things now but same result. Still nothing appears of selectable components in WaveEditor...
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  • Nyanpasu
    This article is new but still it links to a 404:

    This link which is the same as in the previous articles, also linked to in this article, is not working:

    I do not know how to proceed now without doing a lot to make it work.

    I found it in another branch:

    Maybe update the URLs?
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  • Nyanpasu
    Trying to open the MixedRealitySample-project located here crashes WaveEditor:

    I tried a few of the other projects and they all opened without an issue. I have no idea why only the MixedReality-one should create an issue. I have worked on the HoloLens using Unity 3D since January and completed several projects for it. I do not know what I am missing here.

    I managed to get a fail-message in the WaveEditor now:

    "FAIL to compile project: C:\wevs\Samples-master\Extensions\MixedRealitySample\Launchers\Win dows\MixedRealitySample.csproj"

    Here is the message in the console:

    "01 Aug 2018 13:02:50,613 WARN - SceneVM | Could not load scene C:\wevs\Samples-master\Extensions\MixedRealitySample\Content\Scene s\MyScene.wscene
    System.Exception: The file C:\wevs\Samples-master\Extensions\MixedRealitySample\Content\Scene s\MyScene.wscene cannot be deserialized. ---> System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationExceptio n: Feil på linje 1, posisjon 618. Elementet WaveEngine.Framework:Component inneholder data fra en type som er tilordnet navnet Deserialiseringsprogrammet har ikke opplysninger om noen type som er tilordnet dette navnet. Vurder å bruke DataContractResolver hvis du bruker DataContractSerializer , eller legg til typen som tilsvarer ControllerBehavior i listen over kjente typer. Bruk for eksempel attributtet KnownTypeAttribute, eller legg det til i listen over kjente typer som er sendt til serialiseringsprogrammet."

    I tried some stuff now but it seems I need version of the WaveEngine.HoloLens, but I can only get from here:

    In the NuGet-manager in the sample project it says that it is "Not available in this source".

    I tried reinstalling everything and now I get this error:

    "C:\wevs\Samples-Release-2.3.1\Extensions\HololensSample\SharedSource\Main\ VoiceCommands.cs(73,55): error CS1061: 'Entity' does not contain a definition for 'FindAllChildrenByTag' and no extension method 'FindAllChildrenByTag' accepting a first argument of type 'Entity' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"

    Here is the line in code:

    "foreach (Entity soundEntity in this.Owner.FindAllChildrenByTag(EngineTag))"
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  • Nyanpasu
    As a follow-up I updug and loaded down this:

    It still didn't add the "HoloLensProvider". What am I doing wrong?

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  • Where is the "HoloLensProvider" and how do I build a test project for the HoloLens?

    This link is dead:

    I am attempting to follow the tutorial put forth here:

    Please assist, as I have attempted search engine searches and have come no further...

    This is the latest version 2.5.0
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