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Is this engine still in active development?

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  • Is this engine still in active development?

    Hi all,

    This morning I've discovered this engine and I'm quite interested in starting some projects with it.
    I've used Cocos2dx then cocosharp and Urhosharp but I'd like to use an engine that is actively developed.

    I've seen that the latest version (v.2.4) is from August and after that nothing more.

    Is someone working on it? Is there a team behind the project? How many people are working on it?

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    Is someone working on it? Is there a team behind the project?
    Sure we are working on the next Wave Engine version with tons of new features.
    You can see on MyGet the nightly versions of the engine, but they could not be stable.

    How many people are working on it?
    0 people work on this, we are all minions ^_^


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      This is great that you keep working on this project


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        It is cool!


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          Hello I will give suggestion

          You can use Gtk Sharp 3 and you need install Msys2 / pacman for Gtk Runtime 3 into bundled directory example:
          WaveEngine\Runtime\Gtk3\x86 for 32 Bit and WaveEngine\Runtime\Gtk3\x64 for 64 Bit
          Copy from msys2\mingw32\bin\*.dll for Gtk Runtime 3.x and past to WaveEngine\Runtime\Gtk3\x86 etc

          Please do not forget!
          Do not use nuget server because OpenTK from nuget server is outdated - You need download OpenTK from Github because GLWidget with GLArea and it works fine.

          Good luck for upgrading new version Gtk Runtime 3.x I hope I can help you.

          PS: Sometimes "Access violation executing location" exceptions get sometimes. Because I have contacted with OpenTK Developers I hope they fix for OpenTK next version.

          Please do not use SharpDX! Only OpenTK because it works fine for me and My display card is very strong. I hope you accept my suggestion - If you like Gtk Sharp 3 applications.

          Gtk Sharp 3:

          OpenTK latest version:

          Just use OpenTK's Github

          For Gtk Runtime x64 and x86 from msys2 / pacman


          My supervisor:
                  static void Main(string[] args)
                      Environment.CurrentDirectory = "Gtk3\\Runtimes\\x64"; // It is bundled Gtk Runtime 3 better than installed Gtk Runtime 2.x
                      Toolkit.Init(new ToolkitOptions
                          Backend = PlatformBackend.Default,
                          EnableHighResolution = true
                      new YourApplication();
          Thanks and share my idea!