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Need solution. Always build failed in Editor and VS.

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  • Need solution. Always build failed in Editor and VS.

    System info:
    AMD x64 A8 7800, Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb, Windows 10 x64, VS 2015 Pro with MSBuild Tools 2015 + MSBuild Tools 2017 installed.

    Versions tried : 2.4.1, 2.4.0 and 2.3.1 (all resulting in same type of error)

    Error log: in attachment from 2.3.1 Editor.
    Attached Files

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    I was able to solve the "BUILD FAILED" error during "Build & Run" option select and get the build running. I have to manually copy everytime I make changes in editor as below:

    Suppose project name is : ABC
    Step 1: Copy "ABC\Contents\Assets" and ABC\Contents\Scenes" folders manually into "ABC\Launchers\Windows\bin\AnyCPU\Debug" folder.
    Step 2: Copy "ABC\ABC.wgame" to "ABC\Launchers\Windows\bin\AnyCPU\Debug\Conten t" folder.

    This seems to be some bug which misses the copying of contents in required location.


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      hi rdmistry !

      Looks like there is a problem with the target that copies all the assets to the output folder. problem seems that cannot find the path 'E:\Work\Wave\Proj\Temp8\Launchers\Windows\bin\Any CPU\Debug\Content'. is htis path correct?

      This is an automated step and shuldn't fail.

      Have you create the project from the editor? You can run the project from VS? Is the editor open when you compile from VS? Are the assets added from the editor??