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Mono Runtime ( JIT Compiler and mkbundle ) Test with WaveEngine's GameLauncher

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  • Mono Runtime ( JIT Compiler and mkbundle ) Test with WaveEngine's GameLauncher

    Hello everyone,

    I already tested Ubuntu with installed mono from deb of Xenial version

    Example: mkbundle --deps --static --keeptemp TestWE.exe -o TextWE_Linux -v -z
    Output: too long Check log ( )
    And It looks like successful compiled.

    I try linux binary executable it works fine.
    It is just test file - Don't worry! I have packed into tar.gz

    For Mac OS I have tested worked but I ask you why do you scam about wrong OpenGL-ES? How did you force again OpenGL-ES - Impossible I already tested UrhoSharp and it has OpenGL-ES because It throws error like crash reporter of dylibs:
    Output: too long Click here ( )

    For Windows doesn't work because you use shit of Presentation'.dll and UI'.dll from Windows x64 and win32. Why do you need Presentation*.dll? It is not for WPF just it is OpenGL version and it has only WinForms like GameWindow from OpenTK.

    Please fix WindowsProfile WinOpenGL with GameWindow from OpenTK support. Sorry I hate SharpDX. Because my display card AMD Radeon RX 480 ( 8GB Video-Ram ) works OpenGL better and faster than SharpDX.

    Thanks! Please don't forget to fix OpenGL-ES support for Mac, Linux and Windows too. If user forgets to install display driver installation ( like VGA low level driver )

    I hope you have to check bundled executable from Linux than it works safety. So sad for Windows - Why I have problem with Mac because I have not Macbook ( just I have intel processor like it has same support for Mac OS X on my normal computer but it has powerful ram 16 GB and intelprocessor i5 Core.

    macOS works under VMWare Player 14.x I know it is not allowed. But I feel happy because my computer is very fast and has enough power. And why do I not have to buy Macbook. That is why I will earn money than I buy new MacBook. I promise that. - I know Apple doesn't like this.

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    Hi SourceSkyBoxer ,

    We've thinking and is it possible that the Xamarin version we've used for compiling WaveEngine was older than yours?
    Mismatched Xamarin versions can lead to some issues.