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Problems with my TileMap: The quality is very poor

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  • Problems with my TileMap: The quality is very poor


    I'm developing a classic platform game. I have done a map with Tiled program but when I use this map in Wave Visual Editor it's looks very bad. The editor only loads loose parts of the map. I have attached some images so that you can see what the map is like and how the editor show it.

    Also the editor doesn't divide the map in the different layers as in the sample of github and I don't know the cause.

    Could somebody help me with this problem? This is a project for the university and I need some help. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi danperrod,

    It is difficult to say what is wrong without a sample project, can you send us a minimal project where the problem is reproduced?


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      Here you have. If you have any problem you don't doubt to tell me.!dkoxyTjD!LnWGsLqvf...mXmWLR_5aH5MoU


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        Hello, have you found any solution?

        These days I've tried to load the map with Visual Studio instead of Wave Editor but it shows the same result.

        var map = new Entity()
        .AddComponent(new Transform2D())
        .AddComponent(new TiledMap(WaveContent.Assets.Map_tmx));


        This is the code I've used in the scene class. I've investigated in Internet and I don't think that I have to add anything else.


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          Hi danperrod,

          The problem is that the TiledMap extension is not ready for large tile maps. We have opened a bug to fix it as soon as possible. We will come back to you when the bug is fixed. Thanks for the feedback!


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            Hi VictorFerrer,

            Thank you very much. I hope the bug is fixed soon.