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SharpDX.Direct2D1 dll for Windows?

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  • SharpDX.Direct2D1 dll for Windows?

    To generate textures with animated gifs, I use the classes from the WIC namespace inside of the SharpDX.Direct2D1 assembly, as described in this example

    Under UWP this works fine because the SharpDX.Direct2D1 dll is part of the WaveEngine Adapter package. But under Windows this dll is missing and so the WaveEngine Editor can't load my scene because of this missing dll.

    It would be nice, if you can also deploy this dll with the WaveEngine-Adapter for Windows and the rest of the world.

    Many thanks

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    As workaround, You can add the nuget package SharpDX.Direct2D to your solution (.sln)
    Thanks for your suggestion, we really apreciate it, and we will see what can we do.

    Hope this helps