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Load 3d model at runtime (obj, fbx, etc)

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  • Load 3d model at runtime (obj, fbx, etc)


    Is it possible to load an obj/fbx (or similar file type) from the file-system from code, at runtime? If so, how can I do this? I didn't find a solution in the docs/reference.

    Thanks and Regards

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    Why would you want to do that?
    Is it for something like loading a scene asynchronously? You can do that with TaskScheduler (look up Loading sample on GitHub).


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      No, I would like to use the engine for some kind of simulation. I want to build a dll and let the "user" (application) load the models which should be processed. The code itself is most likely in the engine but not for end-user and runtime use I guess.
      Can you think of any other possible way?


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        Hi PHS

        Wave Engine supports assets in .wpk file format only, if you need to load other format (as .obj or .fbx) you will need to create a custom file reader (you can use a thirdparty lib) and a WaveEngine Renderer3D to create and draw a custom mesh (

        When target platform is desktop (Windows, Linux or Mac) you can easily use the tool "WaveExporterCMD.exe" to export any asset in .wpk format and load it in WaveEngine by streaming method directly. We recommend you this solution.

        There are a lot of information for the tool here:

        Hope it helps



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          jfernandez is right. In that case you would need to make use of the engine WPK export tool and pass the file you want to open, and then you can create a model from the exported wpk.