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  • Questions about EULA

    After reading End-User License Agreement, a couple of questions:

    1. License agreements specifically mentions 1.0. version of Wave. Does this agreement covers any other builds within version 1.0. as the same? If yes, is there a way to see changes in EULA before updating to next major build (This may seem like a noob question, I'm still not aware what update mechanic Wave is using)? If no, is there any notification system that makes people aware of changes and allows them to reject updated version?

    2. If there is going to happen EULA update for wave that would make it paid, is it still going to be possible to finish your project on previous versions? This is not really a question, it goes down to me saying "Please, if you change EULA to one, including royalty, change EULA of latest version - not every single version out there, so people won't get screwed at final development stages". Suddenly changing license to royalty (especially, if users get transferred to it without their consent) will not only start a lot of hate, it's going to be a court case waiting to happen (and involving courts in game development is the last thing people wanna do).

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi ARc Futahito,

    Currently this EULA affect to Wave Engine 1.X. But this EULA will be unmodified to Wave Engine 2.X:
    • Wave Engine will be free
    • Wave Editor will be free
    Best regards,
    David Ávila


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      Thank you for your response. It's reassuring to know that license won't suddenly change (and having license without many restrictions is pretty amazing for a free project).