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  • Shader

    Hello Community!

    Just found WaveEngine. Seems to be really awesome. Already got many things done with a few code.
    So first of all, good job! Looking forward to every update.

    Back to the topic. I want to implement some custom shaders. I didnt find any tutorial.
    For example a Blur or Bloom effect. I found "ParallaxCamera2D", but honestly you can only apply a bloom/blur or other ImageEffects to the camera.
    But I just want to attach that effects to one picture.

    Next questions. How can I load and apply custom shaders?
    I found another thread here in the forum, but the link is broken.

    Thanks in advance.

    - Thomas

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    Hi Toemsel,

    Thank you so much as part of WaveEngine Team.

    We have a tutorial published on Indiedb:

    We have a sample project about custom materials:

    Here you can find the completed code of all our ImageEffects shaders:

    Currently we are working on improving our WaveEngine.Material library and we will published the complete source coming soon. Anyway if you need the code of any other material available in WaveEngine let me know.

    - Javier Cantón Ferrero