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Unexpected results in 04UISample

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  • Unexpected results in 04UISample

    Hello everyone!!!

    Just wanting to learn about Wave and hopefully use it

    When I tried to write 04UISample, results are stange. I cannot see any Textblock, and Radiobuttons background randomly disappear.
    At first I thought it was my fault, so downloaded your sample, and was the same. Tried it on 2 computers. Windows 8 and Windows 7.

    Keep on doing such a wonderful job!!!

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    Hi TioLuiso,

    All UI Controls have a property called DrawOrder that indicates the order of the layers drawn. Its value is between [0, 1] where 0 is foreground and 1 is background. By default DrawOrder property is initialized with 0.5 and this value indicate drawn correct order. Use this parameter to define the correct order.



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      Hey it Works... mostly
      If I set the Draworder of all controls to 0 (foreground), then it almost works
      Now I see Textblocks
      But with RadioButtons... Now I see the background always. But don't see which one is selected.
      And with the zoom slider, I don't see the thumb.
      And with the togglebutton, happens quite the same thing.
      If instead of bringing the controls to foreground I send the stackpanel and the grid closer to the background, it all Works.
      So I guess they need a Little of work. But now I can use them.
      Thanks a huge lot!!!


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        TioLuiso !! Welcome !!