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  • juanlao
    As you are seeing these days we are working on the documentation and api reference.
    We hope to fix all those undocumented parameters in next releases.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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  • Maxdg
    started a topic Feedback on the API

    Feedback on the API


    First let me kick off with the fact the API is quite better right now, its way better than the previous version. However i still have 1 complaint, and its quite a big one.

    A lot of methods that have overloads that are pretty much undocumented(they are documented, but the parameters are undocumented).

    Lets take CallCounter.Count(name) for example, this method requires a name. Parameters

    System.​String name The name.
    The name. is a pretty vague description for a parameter.

    A better description would be "Name of the Method" (implying this function needs the name of Method)

    Any chance to get this worked on?