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  • Suggestion for Solution File

    You see, if you follow this Pong tutorial there will an issue that will throw a lot of people off, and make them scream "SH#$T AIN'T WORKING?!?!?!!!!1111".
    Open up a solution, and follow this advice from that same page:

    In CreateScene() method we create Menu title:

    RenderManager.BackgroundColor = Color.Black;
    int offset = 100;
    var title = new Entity("Title")
                   .AddComponent(new Sprite("Content/TitlePong.wpk"))
                   .AddComponent(new SpriteRenderer(DefaultLayers.Alpha))
                   .AddComponent(new Transform2D()
                       Y = WaveServices.Platform.ScreenHeight / 2 - offset,
                       X = WaveServices.Platform.ScreenWidth / 2 - 150
    Immediately, Sprite, SpriteRenderer and Transform2D components will error out because there's no usings for such, making people needlessly wander around, fetching for them. If they are new to programming or just starting, they just might give up if they fail to understand why the error is happening or if they don't know the usings needed.

    So, adding:
    using WaveEngine.Components.Graphics2D;
    using WaveEngineFramework,Graphics;
    to the default startup solution is paramount.

    This might seem trivial, but it actually is important. There's need to make things the simple they can possibly be in order to bring people aboard.

    Also, wpk file is incredibly bad, from a 800x600 single colored .png with 3.34KB in size it made a 1.83MB .wpk?! What the hell is that?

    Also, good job with the Pong tutorial. Great way to provide a nice, simple tutorial to beginners.

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    Hi eyeliner, I did the tutorial. Thank you very much for the feedback, this helps us a lot to improve.
    I will correct as soon as possible, and update to the blog.



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      Haha! So you are the writer, eh? Cool stuff! More stuff like that is needed.