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Problem with run android samples in MacOS

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  • JavierCanton
    Hi ximet,

    Compile Android from MacOS is not officially supported right now, but there isn't any limitation to get that.

    Another user already ask about this, and he got it:

    Hope that helps.

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  • ximet
    started a topic Problem with run android samples in MacOS

    Problem with run android samples in MacOS

    I have a problem with run build and run project in macOS 10.12.3 in Xamarin Studio 6.0:

    For example, I started VuforiaTest_Android.sln and have Error:

    /MyPath/Samples-b00057faf3fb92837011f29a8e13dccb51c7b7fd/Extensions/VuforiaTest/packages/WaveEngine. Error: Command 'mono "WaveConstantsCMD.exe" -i "/MyPath/Samples-b00057faf3fb92837011f29a8e13dccb51c7b7fd/Extensions/VuforiaTest/VuforiaTest.weproj" -o "/MyPath/Samples-b00057faf3fb92837011f29a8e13dccb51c7b7fd/Extensions/VuforiaTest/SharedSource/Main"' exited with code: 255. (VuforiaTest)

    I try replace $(ProjectName) and $(TargetDir) by ${ProjectName} and ${TargetDir} in cproj file, but this field I not find in this file

    Also I try add some change in [YourProject]/packages/WaveEngine. file some line:

    <Exec Condition="'$(OS)' == 'Unix'" Command='mono "WaveConstantsCMD.exe" -i "$(SolutionDir)$(ProjectName).weproj" -o "$(SolutionDir)SharedSource/Main"' WorkingDirectory="/Library/Frameworks/WaveEngine.framework/v2.0/Tools/VisualEditor/"/> <Exec Condition="'$(OS)' == 'Unix'" Command='mono "WaveExporterCMD.exe" -m Project -t Android -p $(ProfileName) -i "$(SolutionDir)$(ProjectName).weproj" -o "$(SolutionDir)Intermediate/Content/$(ProfileName)"' WorkingDirectory="/Library/Frameworks/WaveEngine.framework/v2.0/Tools/VisualEditor/"/>
    <Exec Condition="'$(OS)' == 'Unix'" Command='rsync -aruv "$(SolutionDir)Intermediate/Content/$(ProfileName)/" "$(TargetDir)Content/"'/>

    But it's not resolve my problem. How resolve this problem?